Here are some of my spreads for my visual research. I did 12 in total but I'm only going to post 5 on here so it isn't a mass of spreads.

These are just screen shots so they aren't going to be exactly the page size. Basically I set up a grid format and inserted pictures in the allocated area. In the bottom right corner, I decided to do the icon, index, and symbol of the object in a more general sense and not focusing on just one picture. I wasn't sure how many words would be enough for each one so I tried to shoot of 3 or more. Some were a bit harder than others so they might not make sense. My final objects ended up being ballet flats, bench, converse shoes, dried leaves, engagement ring, girl's cap/hat, girl's jacket, girl's scarf, guy's jacket, lamp post, ring box, and a walkway/sidewalk.

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