Experimental Type Images

Some type experiments I found that is part of the type wall:

After that exercise, we chose an area of interest that we want to explore more of. I chose to do interactive work and found some really cool websites: Typeface ProjectType is ArtTyporganismBembo's Zoo

I was also interested in spatial type so I looked up some of that as well: XYZ Spatial TypeFoam Letters3d Typography Book

When we were sharing in class of our areas, I thought, why not do spatial interaction? So that ended up being where I'm geared towards but I'm still very interested in being digitally interactive so hopefully my end product can be something translated into the computer. Also in last class, we had to come up with a tiny experiment to sum up our ideas and I did something really simple. I just made a ton of cubes and let the audience make letterforms out of it.


Final Postcard

Compare/Contrast Readings

In all four readings, the writers aim at designing a system for a specific audience. Meggs and McCoy's readings both focused on communication for a certain type of group, which is the idea of tailored communication. Using imagery and text that only that specific group recognizes targets them and makes them the key consumers. McCoy talked about how things are changing in terms of design and how it went from targeting everyone to targeting only certain groups. This way, people are more prone to consume things rather than overlook it. At the same time, the last two readings was more of making a global brand. In the reading Local Lingo, she talks about companies being located in many different spots around the world. Even though the messages are targeted towards a particular country, it still manages to incorporate other countries as well. The Coke article was the most interesting for me. I like that he doesn't use the word "design" because I feel like there is more to design than just "design". He was basically redesigning Coke for the masses but he changed each country up to fit their lives. Between the articles, tailored communication is used a lot to target specific groups of people. In our project right now, that is also what we are doing. I think making this project successful is whether or not it talks to our subgroup but also to the people who might not understand it as deeply.


Design Comps Rounds

B/W concepts for layout:

Designs round 2:

Round 3:
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Infographs Round 1

First rounds of info graphs. These were just the ideas in some visual form.


Postcard Iterations

For type, I'm in charge of the postcards. From last last Wednesday, we worked with a partner to come up with ideas for postcards. I brought in the images and Keaton brought in type. My images:

And then from last monday, me and Karen worked on type for the postcard as well as the overall symposium.

After that, I was assigned to focus just on postcards and I did several iterations of what it could look like.
Semi final postcard:
We are going with the black image and the back just needs some adjustments.

Rendering Methods and Designs

Rendering methods:
Image inside of tile, b/w title and when it is rolled over, it becomes color, cropped cover, and b/w cover. I still need to explore more.


I left the outlines in there because that will be filled when I figure out which rendering method I will use and so that go in the white spaces. For now, I'm leaning towards the titles with the image inside or some sort of that so that it isn't so busy on the page. I also left it pretty simple so that it doesn't over complicate when I add the image heavy film covers. I do need to make them a bit more playful and colorful and "Disney". I also feel like I could use more graphic elements and I'll maybe add that in later.