Guerrilla Beautification Presentations

BIG UPDATE! because I've been so bad at updating progress. Since the last  presentation update, there has been two other presentations.

Keynote presentation. One was about the direction my project will take. Summarized, it will only going to be on lots that Ivanhoe owns and there will be test cases. Teens will still hopefully get involved and that has been the biggest challenge getting them interested.

Keynote presentation. The latest one is about our rapid prototypes where I went to talk to some ladies from the community and got their input on plants, location, and getting teens involve.

The next stage is to start designing and getting teens interests. After that, my focus will be on lots, plants, and locations.


Scenario 1 Revised

I fixed up the design and added more frames to the scenario.


Flushed Out Scenario 1

I decided to do the iPad scenario where the user is viewing the gallery and adding the works to their collection.

This is the homepage. The images on the organic wave can be tapped and they would expand to show the entire piece as well as information about it. The user will tap gallery....

and the options of view and share will scroll down to show. Then we tap view...

and it brings us to the gallery view screen. These are all screenshots and the user can choose which topic they would like to view. In this case, they tap visual art...

which turns their screen horizontal. The user is currently sorting by view all and viewing it by the sliding view. Here, they can choose to sort by other methods, view in other arrangement, add to their collection, or suggest it as inspirational.

They tap topics to sort by that way and this screen shows up to show the different topics. Larger words have more works in them. The user taps digital and closes that out.

And then this shuffles the art to only view the digital work. Now the user wants to add this particular piece to their collection so they tap that.

That would do a drop down menu where their collections names will appear and they can add to those or create a new one. They can just tap that and it will go away and the user can keep browsing.


Readings 10.12.11

Power and Poverty:
Americans are selfish. Individually and theoretically, everyone can be generous and would give everything we have to benefit others. Like what the article says, we need to stop focusing on war and start focusing on providing resources for 3rd world countries to make them better.  Citizens assume what we give to the government goes towards the help but the US gives the least out of all the other major countries. So I think that we need to change ourselves before we can help/change others. We should stop giving to the government and look towards more independent organizations whom we know will direct the money to the right country. Women and girls should also be educated. If they were more knowledgeable, then we have a starting point to change something. To me, it also seems like we are putting females at fault. Why can't we educate males as well? Why does it have to evolve around the women and make it their responsibilities? I'm sure it's no one's choice to get raped or depend on the man the survive so both sexes should be educated.

Human Dignity and Human Rights:
  • "Form and content" - not the rejection of function, but a recognition that unless designers grasp the significant content of the products they create, their work will come to little consequence or may even lead to harm in our complex world. 
  • Design is fundamentally grounded in human dignity and human rights. 
  • Human-centered design.
Even though we design for users, we should also think about morals and ethics of our culture and create something that is human-centered. The Holocaust was a good example of human-centered design although it was a bad thing. Our designs should keep human rights and dignity in mind and it should reflect what we believe and how it could affect the public. The article was quite straightforward in terms of what everything meant.

Icon Manifestos:
This reading was so confusing. I think the manifesto that made the most sense to me was Sagmeister's and Thackara. Actually, I think it made more sense the more I kept reading. At first I wasn't sure what everything was about but then it registered that it was each designer's philosophy about life and design. I think it would've helped if sections weren't cut off as well. Overall, this was a good wrap up of all of our readings in the semester so far. Designers should be open, stop complaining and start doing, and we should aim to change the world with design as best as we can. We need to be humans and design for humans. We need to be caring and understanding. We need to live life and do what we love and love what we do. -insert general life lessons-.


Design Direction Round 2

Hub (homepage and gallery view):

 iPad (homepage and cluster gallery view):

iPhone (homepage and submit view):


3D Sketching

These models were the ones we (Joseph and me) made on Friday during class. We focused on showing how the gallery can be viewed and the different sorting methods.

This first one provides a view through images/screenshots.

This second one is another viewing way back in space.

This is more of how the clusters could look. They are in this circular shape and you can see the back and front of them.

This is how the entire gallery can be view. Each different "end" stands for a different talent.

And this last one is taking a gallery in real life and putting into our website so it seems like you are moving in a 3d space.