Color Reflection

This first semester in design was really good. I learned a lot more than I thought I have. In terms of color, drawing, and form, delineation studies and orthographic views were my favorite parts. I've learned color before so it was more of a review for me. I feel like overall, the course was helpful and I know it will be useful. The last projects we did was the group calendar and our color book. I need to document those and I'll try to post them over the next week or so. The calendar turned out really well and I'm really proud of how organized we were and how nice they came out.


Final pages for color book

So these are my final pages for my color book. I renamed some and then took some new ones. First is warm-cool:
Simultaneous contrast:
Munsell's diagonal (I think I'm going to take out the yellow hearts/words):
Munsell's 3d through space:
Cover (on left) and then the back:
Yup. Hopefully these are good and I can finish up printing. :D


Project Evolution

Marks with tools:
Linear depiction line 1:
Line 2:
Line 3:

And then my animation exported really weird and I have yet to figure it out, but it is done and I will try to figure out how to export it nicely. :D

Final Reflection

I felt like project 3 is a great one to wrap the first fall semester of design up with. Starting with project 1, we looked at conveying messages through simple dots and pictures. From that, abstraction was brought into project 3. With project 2, we looked more deeply into design with juxtapositions. Project 3 was definitely encompassing all of the projects. The abstraction that we worked with in project 1 helped a lot and there were some correlation with project 2 and 3 but not as much as 1 and 3. In project 2, we worked between mediums: digital to hand work back to digital. I felt like that helped with project 3 since we did hand work and then brought it into the digital realm. In general, I learned a tons. I learned how to view abstraction with a deeper meaning, content is everything, and there's always a deeper layer with everything. Process work is also important because looking back on it, my first thought for everything was totally not the best. When going into the spring semester, I feel like I can bring a lot of knowledge with me. Just things like ideas and principles, work ethic, and stuff like that. It was a really good fall semester.

Below is one of my iterations for project 3, line one of my haiku. It goes, "Night is bright with stars."
I remember during critique in class, people didn't see the haiku line in any of these shapes. At first, I was going for the "night" part but looking back on it now, I totally see what everyone sees. There is no bright or stars in there at all. The last eight shapes was going towards more to the stars part but it wasn't bright and that word/idea is the main point of the line. Line 1 was the hardest for me since my ideas never worked so I had to restart my thinking process and I feel like my final shape really goes with line well (definitely better than the above ones).

Last "official" week of color

Yay. Last "official" week of studio work...but there's still so much left to do! So we worked on our group project this week along with RGB-ing our leaves. First, I'll show my calendar page.
I had June and the color scheme was warm/cool as an effect. I did 2 versions, one using gradient and one using opposites. The above design was the final design except there are some tweaks in it not shown. I'm super excited to see the whole calendar together. I feel like it will be good. We also worked on changing our CMYK colors into RGB colors for the web. So below is my RGB fixes with the scanned color aid on the left. If you want to see the CMYK one, its in and older post. :D
RGB is definitely easier than doing CMYK. For some reason, I never had problems with printing what I see on screen but the Konica is like a totally different coloring so it was so much harder. In the next week, we are finishing up our calendar and our environmental color book. I'm so excited to see the final products. It will be good. :D


Delineation pt.2

We didn't have class this week and so I guess this post will be for November 29th. All I really did so far is redo my tone delineation so I'll post those below. I think some parts work but others could be worked on, like the inside of the "cutout".

I also redid the texture for Munsell's. I wanted the inside of the texture to have the blue but I couldn't figure it out so I did it like this. It's interesting I guess.
Yup. I know for the last weeks we are working on a class calendar and I'm real excited for that. Maybe we will work on our leaf studies and I think I definitely need help, so that will be cool.


Leaf Study

So here is my leaf study so far. My leaf dried out so I can't really put it on the sheet. I already worked on correcting the PMS and some came close while others still need to be worked on.


Eight ways to kill an idea

Haha. I think this is something everyone can relate to. It is by Scott Campbell.

Paul Rand

Paul Rand was a graphic designer that mainly did corporate logo designs. His famous ones include UPS, ABC, and IBM. Many transitions were used in the video. Most of them were wipes and scale change. There were some pans and morphs too. On his thoughts about design, I like how he views everything. He said that without content, there is no form but without form, there is no content. The way he described them as being connected made them seem so obvious. And of course it is obvious, but it never really sank in for me. I also like the phrase, "don't try to be original, just try to be good" because it really does prove that not every original idea is good.



This past week, we worked with delineations of our letterforms in terms of line, shape, tone, and texture. We made four sets of them: black and white, 1 PMS color, 2 PMS color, and Munsell Arrangements. I'm only posting one of each type along with one color scheme. So first off is my black and white set with line. I really love this one and I feel like the black set has more power than the color sets.
I'm showing my shape with my 1 PMS color.
Tone with 2 PMS colors. I need to change the tone since it isn't really working. We were to choose complimentary colors according to Munsell's color circle so I did blue-green and red.
And lastly, texture with Munsell's Arrangement, which I chose to do contrasting colors. So I used yellow-green, red-violet, and blue? Something like that. I really like this color combination and the texture is a flower petal really close up.
These sets were really fun to make. I still need to make changes according to the crit, like changing all the tones and fixing the texture just a bit. I'll post those in the blog for next week.

16 Pictures for Color Book

Here are my 16 found color photos so far. The names are what I think they should be but suggestions would be great. So first off, it's warm-cool.
Triad? (new)
Transparency? (new)
Simultaneous contrast? (new)
Opposite (new)
Munsell's harmonious hue, contrasting value, and contrasting chroma? (new)
Munsell's helical
Munsell's flat spiral
Munsell's contrasting hue, contrasting value, and harmonious chroma
Munsell's contrasting hue, contrasting value, and contrasting chroma (new)
Itten's light-dark
Itten's contrast of hue? (new)
Itten's complementary
Itten's cold-warm? (new)
Yup. Input would be great. :D


I just happened to stumble on this packaging and thought of how it is an example of abstract shapes. At first it seems like a blob but when looking closer, there is a gorilla's face but on top of his "eyes", there is like little buildings that could be a city. I think it is a very interesting package and it probably started with handwork and then digitalized.

Final Storyboard

This is my final storyboard:


Storyboard and Revised Texts

So here are my revised storyboards according to the talk with Jamie. I really do feel they are better and it will be better when I animate them.
And then I revised my first 2 lines. For the first line, I moved it down a bit so that there is less space between the text and the image.
My second line now has the text at the bottom, around the same margins as the first and third. I like it a lot better than when the text was all the same place. And of course, my third line stayed the same.
I'm working on the flash right now and it's harder than I expected it to be but I think I have it down for now.