Spring Semester Reflection

This semester I have learned a lot of things. I learned about semiotics, image making, creating posters, magazine layouts, and many many more. Spring semesters tend to fly by quicker than fall semester but I have learned SO many things.

I feel comfortable where I am at design wise. I could improve in my designing skills and making things look pretty. I'm very systematic and tend to be stuck there. I'm also very stubborn with changing ideas, which I feel like if it isn't working, I should change ideas. But the thing is, I tend to want to make my original idea work so I try my best. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I think I'm good formally but not conceptually. I'm very literal and straight to the point. I need to be more witty and clever.

There were so many things from first semester that carried over to second semester. I'm sure that the things I learned this semester will carry on to my designing career. Semiotics will for sure play a big part since many seniors talked about it last semester at their review. Type will always play a big part to making or breaking any poster or info graphs. Images have to be well thought out and executed for the message to be clearly conveyed.

I'd say this semester was much better than the last. I was more time efficient and I made more work that I'm proud to present. I've been slacking lately but I'm going to make sure next year I will start the momentum up strong and keep it there for Junior year.

Final Paula Scher

Round 4:

Round 5:

Round 6:


I really enjoyed this project. Working like Paula Scher was difficult to balance everything well. As you can see, there were many titles floating around as well as colors. I like the final product from where I was previously. The title seems more strong and her name with the roof cut out has this magical thing happening that I like a lot. It came from me just messing around trying to integrate the image and the text better and it worked! :D

Selected Icon Combinations

These patterns were made with various combinations of multiple icons. There is the bench and the lamp which gives off the park vibe. The leaves in the 2nd pattern is in a blowing way. The last pattern is with scarves and the high heels, for the message of women or fashion. The first one is harmonious and the last 2 are amplified drama because of the scale change.

Anchorage and relay:

Most of these are relay because they aren't the first thing people think of when they see the icons. I used several of these in my museum exhibit.

Final Museum Exhibit

Mass post! Below are some from round 3 of the museum exhibit of the opposite attracts. I changed it to "Deception: The Price We Pay for Our Wants".

Round 4. These were presented at final crit. VERY BAD. It was actually okay but the texture wasn't working. Just a selected few.

And these are my final ones for final review. The texture is changed making it more legible and hopefully there's more variety to them. Much better I think.

There's still a lot I can learn. I tend to be really systematic and never really thinking about how to make it look pretty. That's something I will work hard to improve on.

Final Nat Geo

Kind of late but here are the final DVD cover/disk and poster. I tried uploading other progress work but it never lets me no matter how many times I've tried (hence the late post).

I enjoyed this project. Working with someone was a bit more difficult because we had clashing ideas so working around that was hard sometimes, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. My photoshop skills improved as well as flash. Janna has the flash file but I will try to get it. I wish the texture on the disk and cover was more noticeable. We wanted it to be barely there but still visible but now it is just lost. There's some spots that needs to be fixed but otherwise, I like it.


Final Review Proposal

So for my final review, I want to include the following projects. For form and color, my orthographic drawings and booklet, the color delineation set, and the color book. From image, I'm just going to put my Poe poster. From type 1 and 2, I will put my monogram for radium and that whole exercise, the change one thing poster, magazine layout, and the designer poster. From vis comm 1 and 2, the haiku set, the line book, and my icons over time ending with the museum exhibit.

The order I want it to be in would revolve when it happened. Like, I want to start with the orthographic drawings and how that led to the color delineation. From that, I want to talk about the color book and how image taking affects the image poster. That would go onto into my icons and semiotics work which would lead into the magazine layout and I would talk about how I got to where I am with the projects leading up to it like the change one thing poster.

This is not a very good proposal but I have it in my head, I just have to think about it more.