Mark Jenkins

So to end all of my mass posts for the day....

How cool is this?


Text. Image. Message

I really enjoyed this article. It taught me a lot about using text. I somehow always thought that text should just be there kinda thing, but now it can be combined with image and I can play with it to make it more interesting. The ideas of separation, fusion, fragmentation, and inversion helped me make my 3 posters more interesting than it was originally. At first, it was just text and a picture. After I read the article, I changed things around and now I feel like it's not as boring anymore. I love all the methods but for my theme, it seems like some of the ideas would work better than others. For one, I think separation or fusion would be the best choices so that's what I stuck with.

World Hunger

Out of my 3 topics, I felt more passionate about world hunger than the other topics. I felt like the others already had enough coverage and world hunger is something that people overlook and they don't know much about it. Therefore, I only did thumbnails for this topic.
I definitely need to work on my sketching ideas but this is the best way I can express my ideas. People won't understand it unless I explain it so this is something I need to improve on. Below are my 3 different directions for the poster.

I wanted to stick to something simple to show off the seriousness of this problem, kind making it a juxtaposition :D? Maybe it's too simple? I'm not sure. I'm liking the direction of the first one with the bowl and the last one with the kids. I can definitely push those more and they aren't perfect right now so we shall see.

Final Semiotics

So project 1 is officially done for Image (there is still critique tomorrow left but its done right?). This project, I think, was a really good one to start off with because it really defined "semiotics" for us and it was really useful but challenging at the same time. Below are some final pics I took of the project.

The left side is symbol while the right side is index. I switched some of my images around in the categories because I feel like they are better represented in my final choice. I chose ribbons as a symbol because I collect them and I feel like the colors and patterns really describe who I am as a person and that is something you have to learn about me. Hello Kitty is my index because it is very me (I mean, hello...I even have a huge Hello Kitty as my phone charm) and I've loved it since I was small.
I chose my icon to be my largest picture because I am who I am and I feel like an icon of my best describes me. I chose this particular picture because I'm relaxed and smiling and that is what makes me, me.

The whole project was really fun. I got more accustomed to my camera (which is good) but I also reevaluate myself as a person and what defined me. The printing sucks just a bit because somehow, printing on both sides messed one side up while the other is perfect and it really went down to which picture is more worthy of looking good. I still like the way it turned out though. :D


Story Revised

I chose to stick with my "Taking a stroll", with changes, as my story. For one, I renamed the story to "Strolling Surprise". I also revised some of the objects (took away and added some more). SO!...

List of objects:
  1. ballet flats
  2. bench
  3. converse shoes
  4. dried leaves
  5. engagement ring
  6. ring box
  7. lamp post
  8. sidewalk/walkway
  9. girl's trench coat
  10. guy's peacoat
And then I have other object like crying tears (not a big fan of this), girl cap/hat, and guy's scarf. Yea? :D


Story List

So here are my two stories.

Drowning at Sea
  1. wooden boat
  2. anchor
  3. rope
  4. straw hat
  5. heavy waves
  6. dried food (fish, vegetables, etc.)
  7. canteen
  8. tire wheels
  9. worn out shorts
  10. torn shirts
  11. knives
  12. tarp
Take a stroll
  1. dried leaves
  2. bare branches
  3. sitting benches
  4. wooden fence
  5. bikes
  6. headphones
  7. music player
  8. converse shoes
  9. ballet flats
  10. scarves
  11. light jacket
  12. engagement ring
I'm leaning towards the "Take a stroll" story more so I think that is the one I am going to stick with. I'm not sure if the title is appropriate for it or not. Right now, it seems like it is the one but if I was to change it, I have no idea what it will be yet.

How to Think

I really enjoyed reading this article because it seems like it's helpful in everyday life as well and not just in design. I totally agree with all the points he made, especially scheduling. Last semester when school just started, I was totally lost until I came up with a schedule of when and where to do all of my assignments. It also seems like taking notes of everything around you at all times is an important factor as well. One that I need to improve on is always documenting. I'm really bad at this so I want to work on documenting more this semester. In relation to our project, we are just starting to come up with general ideas and I feel like making maps and collaborating seems to be the points that deal with this project the best. When we were in class doing team work, it really showed how many ideas were circulating and how we helped each other.


Project 1: Semiotics of Me

Semiotics are associative meanings and signifiers to something. Our first project is to present ourselves and who we are through semiotics. There are three categories: icon, index, and symbol.

First off: icon. Icon is a representation. It can be recognized and bears a physical resemblance. I chose to take pictures of myself (thanks Kate for helping me) wearing various outfits that says who I am as a person.
Second: index. Index is an indicator, like clues, therefore allowing the audience to figure it out. I chose different objects that speaks about me. For example, I chose the ribbons below because they are colorful, bright, and cute. This sums me up pretty nice since the most common comments I hear about myself is that I'm cute, but I'm also cheerful and "bright".
And finally third: symbol. Symbol is a code. It can be text or something that people learn the association to. I chose things that are significant to me, especially to my style and who I am. For example, I chose the teddy bear because for one, it dresses sorta like me, but I see it as comforting and "always there" and I feel like I try to be that person to all my friends.

Finding things proved to be challenging. We were suppose to have ten different ideas for each category and I got mostly stuck on symbol. I found like 28 in total, which I know isn't the minimum but I really can't think of anymore. The only two I am missing comes from the symbol category. Hopefully it will pass. -cross fingers-. BUT! I have faith and it will be ok. I just find it hard, I think, to try to describe myself through objects and things and words and all that. I do find it exciting that we are doing this because this is a good way to be like, "Hi, I'm Vi. Nice to meet you."

Project 1: Change one thing

-sigh- School started again and the first assignment received? Type. Project 1 is to make a poster for AIGA under the theme of "Change One Thing". After thinking for a while, I still had no idea what to do. So I thought about what do I have a passion for. Many of what I care about and want to change deals with the world and I have limited my ideas to racial discrimination, world hunger/poverty, and AIDS awareness. I feel like all of these ideas would make good posters and even though they are things that aren't easily changed and people have attempted, they are still things that could be improved. I'm leaning towards world hunger/poverty since that is something people might not be fully aware of but there's tons of statistics that are shocking. My second choice would be to do racial discrimination. I haven't thought of how to approach that yet but I bet it'll be interesting. So for now, off to brainstorm.