Recent Type Example

So I've been working on making letters from another letter. Through this experimentation, I've learned really specific elements make up one letter and these elements make that letter distinguishable. B's have to have a straight stem and the 2 bowls have to be distinct. I's have to be straight and if it looks at all curve, it might look like a J. V's have to have that tip at the baseline or else it will look like an U. The list could go on and on. When making an alphabet, there has to be some sort of indication to make it cohesive either through how many cuts I make or the rules I set up for myself. These rules are meant to keep things together and challenge me. I will then take these rules and apply it to the user's interaction.



iPhone App Project Brief

My audience is the x-coders. They are really community based and they are on the computer a lot, which leads to poor health care in terms of their backs, eyes, and wrists. My app would allow the user to input their data like weight, height, age, etc. as well as their interests. There will be categories of interest provided to chose from and this part of information would be saved. There would be an option in the app to choose what is wrong and then it generates tips from other users, as well as facts, based on your interests and data and then the user could input their own tips. There is also another option where you can set an alarm to tell you when to take a rest or when to get away from the computer. This alarm could also work to tell you when your "break" is over so you can get back to work if needed.

Icons and Gestures


  • Screen size is 3.5 inches diagonal with resolution of 480x320 at 163ppi (iPhone 3GS and before) and 960x640 at 326ppi (iPhone 4)
  • iPhone supports 8 gestures: tap, drag, flick, swipe, double tap, pinch open, pinch close, touch and hold
  • When things are moving on screen, the finger can obscure quite a large amount of the display. Interface might need to be designed to ensure that important information is not obscured.
  • Simplify gestures are much as possible.
  • Icons should be perceived effortlessly and represent a broader class of similar concepts.
  • There are only 10 standard tab icons like bookmarks, contacts, downloads, etc.
  • When creating custom icons, use .png files, white with appropriate alpha and no shadow, anti-aliasing, and 30x30 pixel format.


Visualized Dreams Final

Final site

I enjoyed this project a lot, mainly the coding part. It was difficult balancing coding with design of things. At first, I wasn't sure what my collection should be and I'm glad I chose to do Disney movies. I feel like I could've experimented more but I like what I did and I feel like it's different.


Experimental Type Progress

 So far, I have learned that type can take any shape and form. The form of it can be very intricate like calligraphy or it can be a mess, barely recognizable. With my experiments, I want the users to be able to create their own letter forms and then I take those and manipulate them somehow. Or I can just let them make their own. The top image went for that idea with me providing certain parts and then allowing the users to create a letter from those parts.
I also looked at scripting in Illustrator and how they can manipulate a letterform. Above is a script I found and it made me realize that no matter how much you want to push this script, the letter form is somehow still visible. Which made me wonder, how much can I push legibility before a letterform is no longer a recognizable. Can people even see the letter without knowing it was a letter in the first place or will they see something completely different. Type can act in many different ways. I think the way I'm approaching it shows that there is a very thin boundary of legibility.

Final Be My SWEEP

Final presentation

This project reminded me of last semester and my PSA for the poverty simulation with Joseph. I felt like my concept was strong but execution was a bit weak. I learned that tailored communication can't be so tailored that the public is not included. My tags are in a public area so I can't just talk to hikers alone. I did include a definition to help those not familiar with the term sweep. Overall, this project was another project for me. I did learn things but I felt like I could always do more.

Be My SWEEP Progress


1. why is this issue pertinent and timely?
2. what are its causes?
3. what are detrimental effects to individuals? to greater society?
4. what are preventative measures?
5. how does this issue relate to your sub-culture?
6. what organizations have a vested interest in this issue?
7. what organizations have a vested interest in your sub-culture?
8. what public service campaigns have previously addressed this issue?

Female Coders – health awareness – lack of sleep/stress
1. According to the talks we had last class, a big thing in the news right now is sleep related issues. This is a problem that stays in society and if it doesn’t affect one person, it affects another. There’s a lot of articles talking about sleep and how to get the best one or what to do if you can’t get enough sleep. Stress and insomnia are big health concerns as well that could affect any coding person.
2. Health takes a back seat in people’s lives when they get too busy. The people that were interviewed were students, so they focused more on schoolwork and their social life, possibly ignoring their health. They probably aren’t watching what they are eating either since fast food is at hand’s reach, which adds to their chances of being unhealthy.
3. Stress causes physical illness as well as emotional and mental problems. It triggers insomnia, headaches, personality changes, anxiety, and depression. It could also cause hair loss, pain in muscles, outbreaks in skin, and if serious, heart problems. Insomniacs feel tired during the day and their energy level is low. In the bigger scope, this could affect people around them and their social interaction.
4. It’s best to get as much sleep as possible, 8 hours by most sources. It also helps to take little naps in between the day to feel better. If sleep is not possible at that moment, they could take tiny breaks to relax and refocus. Having a place or activity to take their minds off of things for just a little bit will help with stress.
5. Coders spend a lot of time on the computers writing code and probably don’t get enough sleep. Memorizing lines of codes also puts stress on the brain so it’s best to relax when they can. Some of them probably experience insomnia of different degrees without realizing it as well.
6. There’s a ton of medical organizations that research sleep like the American Sleep Association. There are also groups like Sleep Disorders Support Group and American Academy of Neurology. There’s also the World Health Organization that focuses on health in general but also on stress and sleep.
7. Apache Software Foundation was trying to get more female coders into the field in 2005. Organization for Transformative Works focuses more on fan made products but they have their own group of female coders that they really support and encourage others to join.
8. Agnesian Healthcare did a PSA on getting more sleep in 2009. They made a “sleep” energy can and put it against text that said “get more energy”.

Bike Commuters – DIY tips – sustainability
1. People are being conscious of the environment lately and they like the thought of reusing things they already have. People are being more frugal as well so they are wiser on how they spend their money.
2. The economy has gone down and people have been losing their jobs or are not as financially stable as they use to be. Because of this, they are finding new ways to recycle objects and make things last longer.
3. People save more money by doing things themselves as well as finding different ways of approaching problems. They also learn skills that were lost when machines started doing work for us. In society, it preserves the environment more because there will be less trash. The economy won’t go up as much since people will be reusing things rather than buying new products.
4. Tips on how to prolong their bikes, what to look for when buying new things for them to last longer, and care needed for longer lasting equipment would address the sustainability of bikes.
5. Bike commuters are environmentally conscious. They commute instead of using gas so they would like making their bikes longer lasting. If tips were provided, people just starting to ride their bikes more will find it helpful.
6. There are a lot of groups dealing with sustainability but it’s more in the sense of the environment as a whole and ways to recycle and reuse like Center for a New American Dream, Climate Project, World Changing, etc.
7. There are various bike groups like the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety that targets safety for bike riders. Many other groups like the Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters Association gear towards this subculture more.
8. There hasn’t been any PSA on bike sustainability. There are tips here and there but no one has really organized them to send to the mass of people as a message. There’s numerous PSA on bike riding and bike safety though.

Trail Enthusiasts – preparation – health?
1. Health is always a topic that people talk about. There are many articles about taking care of one’s self and the effects of being unhealthy.
2. People gets lost in their daily lives that they don’t realize they should put their health somewhere on top. They tend to overlook the tiny details because it isn’t as important as the bigger picture.
3. People could get hurt or seriously injured. If serious, it could lead to complications of internal organs. It wouldn’t do much to the greater society since it’s more of an individual issue. If anything, it just lowers or raises statistical rates.
4. They could watch what they are doing, eat right, and be prepare in case an accident happens.
5. Hikers go out a lot and tend to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. They know what they are doing but sometimes they can overlook little things. They might not also be aware on how to handle accidents during the hike.
6. There are many health organizations like the World Health Organization and the American Public Health Associations. There’s also organizations focused on just the heart, like the American Heart Association.
7. Trail organizations are based on states but nation wide, there is the American Hiking Society. In Missouri and Kansas, there is the Trail Masons Association, Earth Riders Trails Association, and the Northland Trails and Greenways.
8. There is a small PSA for hiking and camping for feminists. It seems as though this is geared towards more amateur hikers because there’s a picture of a tip hung on the trail at a dangerous point to remind hikers to avoid this certain thing. Besides this one, there are just a ton of compiled lists of helpful tips and hints to remember about, none of which are designed.



Final for guest presentation: