Final Semiotics

So project 1 is officially done for Image (there is still critique tomorrow left but its done right?). This project, I think, was a really good one to start off with because it really defined "semiotics" for us and it was really useful but challenging at the same time. Below are some final pics I took of the project.

The left side is symbol while the right side is index. I switched some of my images around in the categories because I feel like they are better represented in my final choice. I chose ribbons as a symbol because I collect them and I feel like the colors and patterns really describe who I am as a person and that is something you have to learn about me. Hello Kitty is my index because it is very me (I mean, hello...I even have a huge Hello Kitty as my phone charm) and I've loved it since I was small.
I chose my icon to be my largest picture because I am who I am and I feel like an icon of my best describes me. I chose this particular picture because I'm relaxed and smiling and that is what makes me, me.

The whole project was really fun. I got more accustomed to my camera (which is good) but I also reevaluate myself as a person and what defined me. The printing sucks just a bit because somehow, printing on both sides messed one side up while the other is perfect and it really went down to which picture is more worthy of looking good. I still like the way it turned out though. :D

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