Final Reflection

I felt like project 3 is a great one to wrap the first fall semester of design up with. Starting with project 1, we looked at conveying messages through simple dots and pictures. From that, abstraction was brought into project 3. With project 2, we looked more deeply into design with juxtapositions. Project 3 was definitely encompassing all of the projects. The abstraction that we worked with in project 1 helped a lot and there were some correlation with project 2 and 3 but not as much as 1 and 3. In project 2, we worked between mediums: digital to hand work back to digital. I felt like that helped with project 3 since we did hand work and then brought it into the digital realm. In general, I learned a tons. I learned how to view abstraction with a deeper meaning, content is everything, and there's always a deeper layer with everything. Process work is also important because looking back on it, my first thought for everything was totally not the best. When going into the spring semester, I feel like I can bring a lot of knowledge with me. Just things like ideas and principles, work ethic, and stuff like that. It was a really good fall semester.

Below is one of my iterations for project 3, line one of my haiku. It goes, "Night is bright with stars."
I remember during critique in class, people didn't see the haiku line in any of these shapes. At first, I was going for the "night" part but looking back on it now, I totally see what everyone sees. There is no bright or stars in there at all. The last eight shapes was going towards more to the stars part but it wasn't bright and that word/idea is the main point of the line. Line 1 was the hardest for me since my ideas never worked so I had to restart my thinking process and I feel like my final shape really goes with line well (definitely better than the above ones).

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