Final(?) Icons Reflection

Title: Strolling Surprise
Full icon set at different sizes.
.5" icons:
Linear progression of the bench:
I actually really enjoyed this process even though it was tough at times. I decided to do the linear progression of my bench because that was the one that I had the most trouble with. There was just never quite the right shape or details so I changed it a lot from the beginning. I'm really proud of all my icons truthfully. I think they speak to my style, simplistic yet thoughtful. The ones I can still improve on is the lamp for sure. That one was just a tough one to really depict because there's parts where I can't cut it up or the view isn't right or it isn't cohesive enough, it was just difficult. The hat and the bench were ones that I still had trouble with and I felt like I resolved them but there could be more editing for sure.

Through out this whole icon making process I learned a lot. Iterations, iterations, iterations. Lots and lots of them. I also thought a lot about cohesion of the whole set as well as the individual objects being able to stand on their own and their legibility. I'm quite excited to add colors to these and really see my story come to life.


  1. Wow, Vi. You've really worked hard on these - it shows. Most of the kids in my design class at UMKC wouldn't have survived the first round of iterations. Be proud of your hard work! Keep it up!

  2. haha thanks amber. its good to know that i will survive at umkc if kcai never works out (which it will cuz im determined >.>).