Icon Set v.1

Here's my icon set so far. My direction is to use gaps, which is good because that was the one I was leaning towards anyways. In my previous round, on my converse, I had this like pinched ending at just one spot (pictured below) that I really likes so I tried to incorporate that cinch in all of them.

Vectored icons at 3...4".

1" in a row.
So far, the most challenging one seems to the bench. I stopped with that curving thing at the seating area and went more geometric. I'm starting to wonder if it's too geometric for the others or not. The lamp post and the scarf is still analog since those are the ones I just added. The lamp post sees off a bit because it's more straight on rather than at an angle like the others. That and the scarf seems too simple? I don't know. But so far I'm really liking it.

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  1. don't forget what I said about the wood grain on the bench to make it less geometric and more organic. i think that could possibly help a lot if done right.