Project 2: Expressive Type

So we started our 2nd project Friday and we had to bring in experiments of our expressive type. We were suppose to choose 4 types of weather and represent them expressively but they were suppose to kind of make a story. Therefore, I chose dawn, rain, wind, and thunder. Below are several of my experiments for last Friday. I did a lot of scanner work because I liked how it looked but also did digital setting of type (which is something I'm leaning towards).
Dawn didn't really work out....>.>
I really like rain and how it came out. Making it in digital type didn't work as well so maybe I'll stick with the scanner this time.
I didn't show the crumbled one in class because the word thunder wasn't dominate enough, but I like the idea.

Yup yup. I like where wind is going so I'm going to push that a little bit more.

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