Kings and Kingdoms

So we are done with our third project. Below are my compositions, images, sequences, and animation. I used to letter k along with the font Arno and Avenir.

These are the best two compositions with images applied to them:

All of my images:
I did so many sequences but these are my final and probably my best ones:
And then my animation using flash. I don't know what happened but the pictures have cuts in them even when I export them as an animation and mpeg-4 at the best quality. It looks fine when it's an .swf file though. Eitherway, imagine it doesn't have any cuts. :D

Yup. I loved doing this project because I learned a lot more about Illustrator and especially Flash. K was a hard letter to do since there are only so many pairs that can go along with each other. I think I chose a fairly successful pair, considering I made other pairs that weren't as good.

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