Revised Plan

Ok, so I have decided on what to do. It is gonna be abstract with colored paper associated with the sin and then the corresponding virtues' color as the background.
I've built 7 small little sets to set up the paper with so that I can change them around if needed. Virtues' colors are gonna be in the background because I wanted to incorporate the virtues somehow and I feel like they exist with one another. As for compositions, greed is going to have tons of paper in it. Gluttony is gonna have more of an organic feel with a lot of paper, but less than greed's. Envy is going to have one side with less paper than the other. Wrath is going to be torn, angled paper in an angry way. Pride is going to be very vertical and not so much horizontal or diagonals. Sloth is going to be more towards the "ground" (ground heavy I guess) and lust...I'm not so sure about yet, but it will come to me. :D

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