Final Weather

This was a fun project. Challenging at times but still fun.
So my weather was dawn, wind, rain, and thunder. I wanted to create a sense of a calm morning but I don't think it turned out that way. I did experimentations with set type, which in some way I like but I felt like I should've tried other things as well. Composition wise, I think it's dramatic with the sweeping motion so it looks violent and hectic. It was hard to integrate it into one sweeping motion. From previous posts, you can see my transitions were the hardest part but I think I achieved it. For each phenomena, I used set type but then they are expressive in their own way. For example, wind has a wind effect to it and rain looks wet and dawn has those shadows like the sun is rising. Throughout all three pieces, I kept with that sweeping motion with few adjustments so that it still made sense but still cohesive with each other. I didn't want the ABC logo and tag line to be TOO significant so it's a bit smaller but still has the attention since it's on white and nothing is really "surrounding" it. I have my flash but not uploaded yet. So I'll post that once it's done.

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