Taxonomy Proposal

I plan to classify my marks by organizing them by the tool I made them with. Under each "section" of different tools, I plan to place them from the most indistinctive one (lightest one) to the most distinctive one (darkest one), creating somewhat of a gradient. For the order of the tools presented, I was thinking of putting them by the order they come in in the haiku. Since my first line is "Night is bright with stars", I don't have any tools for that. The second line is "...silly woman, whimpering", so the order will be something like hair tie, hair stick, tissue, handkerchief, and earrings. The third line is "Shall I light the lamp?", so after earrings, it would probably be candle, candle holder, wick, wax, and match. As for the format of my classifications, I plan to make a square book so maybe 6x6 with 9 marks on each page and bind it with a wire-o. For the table of contents, possible connotations include: light, woman, beauty, sadness, tears, pity, shines, burn, hot, loneliness. And possible denotations are: candle, fire, woman, hair, string, wax, wood, fabric, jewelry, spots.

1 comment:

  1. Since you are organizing by tool, consider showing the tool.

    "Gradient" is a nice idea for the visual structure - exploit this aesthetic!

    What other format beside page-by-page wire o would best show off the gradient?

    You do not need to reference the haiku, especially since you are missing line one.

    How does the table of contents relate to the marks?