Munsell Scores

I finally have pictures!!~! Except they are really bad quality. Oh well. So these are my Munsell scores that we worked on last week. I think Color Aid needs to have a Munsell color set. The concepts weren't as hard as I thought it would be. Once I read what they are and start choosing colors, it got easier to understand. At first it was definitely hard and the hardest ones for me involved the change in saturation.

On Friday we went to see Warhol's exhibit at Union Station and that was cool. I really don't understand his art work, even after reading the descriptions, but just looking at the colors, they were good combinations. I really enjoyed his line drawings the most since they were very different from what society remembers him by.

We also started shooting our environmental colors and I'm going to do shopping windows, which I think will be fun. I'll post them next time when I have 8 total. Next week we are working on Munsell arrangements with themes and I'm excited for that since there will be a direction unlike these where we started wherever we wanted to.

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