Book Covers Round 1

These were due last Wednesday for progress crit.
These are so bad. So so so bad. So I rethought my ideas and ways to approach it. Over the weekend, I got some new photos and I'm going with my "pair of..." idea now instead of location based. For the park, it's kind of the same idea but I'm going to have 2 cars, a park scene, with the city in the background. The relationship book is going to have 2 drinking glasses ('cause everyone needs a drink one time or another right?). The ring book is going to have some flowers and maybe some rings on there as well, this is my hardest book so far but I have faith in it. Last but not least the proposal book is going to have tons of things. I have a lot of ideas for that one but have yet to really nail one yet but it will work out. Yup. I have all my images, I just need to scan them in and put them together in class tomorrow.

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