AfH Ads Brainstorm

For the second part of the project, I had several ideas going. The first one I thought of was an opening for the website, so it would be a little film/animation that would play before people would enter the site. Within this opening, I wanted to use imagery as the main focus since I've relied on text a lot for the past projects. I was maybe going to incorporate live action somehow and it would be about the organization along with current projects that they are doing.

From that idea, I thought about making a series of ads that would appear on other websites, like AIA and Buildipedia, which are other architectural websites. This stemmed from wanting to get the word out there about Architecture for Humanity. This is kind of like the opening idea except now I'm limited to a space and probably like a 10 second animation. It would use images and color with minimal text and end with my logo build. This is the idea that I'm going forward with and I'm making two that focuses on different aspects of the group to get people to join them. One talks about what the group is about and I'm using stats for that, like how many chapters there are and how many people are a part of it. The second one is more like a call for designers to submit ideas and help build communities in places that need help.

Other ideas that I had was to make a scrolling, loop thing that would sit on top of the website and it would be like the ads, except it will be on the website itself. It would contain the basic information in one small loop and other loops would be like current projects and events. Every time the page refreshes or the audience goes to another page, the top animation would be different. I also thought about making a non-digital piece like a brochure that would inform people and get them to join the organization. Yeah. I'm going with the ad idea, like I said before and hopefully it will work.

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