NA Project 3: Detail Narrative

What I did here built on what I did for the first project with the 15 second information piece. For this one though, I wasn't so constricted on time frame so the timing for the words to pop in or slide in is more or less consistent. I wanted it to still be fast paced but still legible and the viewer to not feel rushed, so it took a lot of adding or subtracting frames. Longer words took up more time on the screen than shorter words, so balancing those yet still have it be paced well. I also tried different font combinations but I felt like it was a little too distracting and it didn't really flow with my idea of branding it, so I stuck with just the bold Helvetica font. In terms of narrative, I started it off with what the organization aims for and building on that with what they believe in. The way I ended it was with their logo, and then their motto, to tie up loose ends and finish it "complete". I wanted certain words to feel more important and powerful so I colored it differently and made them different sizes. It was hard choosing colors that went well together and still have that "pop" feeling to them. I worked with colors for a while before I got the combinations that I wanted so that was another difficult part of the project. Overall, I learned about timing, keeping it simple with just text and font, and how colors can affect the piece.


  1. I not sure that I would find text as the most interesting channel. Considering what you're done with it though, give it identity, matching with Architecture for Humanity, and keeping the typeface consistant. Accenting the more important words with colors, spiced up the use of text, more or less.

    The balance of time with your narration worked well (like you said using more care for time on longer words than shorter words, etc.) and using Helvetica made the legibility very clear.


  2. Your use of text was well thought out. It was evident you used your time well, spending more time on significant words, and adding color to liven up the composition altogether. Though I question weather or not your use of color was the right choice. As a single project it works well, but as a part of your identity, it seems to stray. When comparing it to your poster it seems to travel in a different direction. You also could have possibly made it a bit longer for people that have trouble reading, but that is just a small detail.

    That aside, you seemed to present your message effectively and in an interesting way. Clear and easy to read.