Poverty Intervention

This project stemmed from a simulation that our class was involved in that made us experience the life of an impoverished person. We were assigned to create a design intervention to solve problems that we saw at the simulation with a partner and mine was Joseph. The first 3 we came up was presented in a Keynote presentation. We wanted to address the upper class and make them aware. Our base schematic for this:
Those ideas didn't go over so well so we started from scratch again. This time, we made our audience the impoverished people and came up with many more ideas. One was to create something that people can carry around that would list all the places and the services they provided. That idea was already taken by another group so we didn't pursue it. Another idea was to create a community garden and a system that let the people interact with one another. They would plant whatever they want and take whatever they want. That turned out too be too complexed to do in several weeks so we dropped that idea. Another one we had was to create a system that allowed people to be part of this community that opened up their houses at night for people who got kicked out that night and it was too late to go to the homeless shelter. There is something like that already so we dropped that one. After all of these ideas, we finally landed on making an awareness campaign that reminded people to not get ripped off. I like that we kind of went full circle since we started with awareness and ended with awareness, just this time its another audience with another message.

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