Final A/VOID

Final artifacts (poster (yellow), bus stop/placard (purple), motion piece(green)):
Keynote presentation

This project has been challenging yet fun at the same time. At the beginning, we circled around ideas a lot and it took a long time to just even nail one down. Once we decided to go with the avoid idea, it was more formally challenging. We knew we wanted the split already but wasn't sure how to go about it. Then we added images and colors and different phrases. In the end, I'm satisfied with what we created. Making the presentation was a challenge of itself. It was challenging to know what to say on top of what to show at the same time. Overall, I learned so much from this project, especially how to work with a partner. I think my concept ideas are more strong now as well as formal executions. A lot of it was influenced by the partnership but it has also taught me a lot about how I think and work.

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