Concept Brainstorming

After we brainstormed in class about education, Joseph and me narrowed down our interest. We ended up with 2 ideas. One dealt with how to maintain long term memory with students and cater different teaching methods to different learning styles. The other one was what we went with and it dealt with how can we teach students extracurricular activities (dancing, music, etc.) using unconventional teaching tools like YouTube. So far, this is what we have came up with.

What programs do they usually cut down on in schools?
·      Performance art: dance, drama, music, etc.
·      Fine art: writing, painting, photo, etc.

Physical boundaries: languages, dress, ritual, etc.
·      Majority English speaking countries but open to people with no knowledge of English (why can’t arts defy speaking?)
·      Different cultures
·      Loose clothing, nothing too fashionable, “art kid”
·      Goes to school but then play after school?
·      More after school activity like
Involves what:
·      Videos
·      Tutorials
·      Chat forums
·      Advice section?
·      Local chapters? State chapters? Chapters in general?
·      How to section?
Involves who:
·      Students
·      Professionals
·      Middle aged people who want to just learn a new hobby
·      Teachers
·      Learners
Equipment needs:
·      Body
·      Computer
·      Video camera/sound recorder
·      Necessary props
·      Aim towards high school to college
·      13 to 18 years olds
·      Not limited to just that age range
·      Parents/grandparents included
Wants and needs of individual:
·      Learn a new hobby
·      Do something that they always wanted to do but had no resource or motivation
·      Bucket list check off
·      Dabble in an interest
·      Testing waters
Wants and needs of community:
·      Sharing and communicating
·      Forums
·      Chapter get together
·      Meeting new people who share same interest
·      Cross culture learning/teaching
·      Pen/pencil/writing utensil
·      Musical symbols
·      Paper of sorts
Motivation for participating:
·      To learn
·      To teach
·      To get involved
·      To do/try something out of the ordinary
·      To dabble into things not available at school
·      To go at your own pace learning what you want
·      Free will

·      Flash mobs
·      Ted talks
o   YouTube dancers
o   Math teacher program thing
·      Funding cuts
·      Personal experience

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